Monday, October 15, 2007

akita bijin

one of the first bits of trivia i learned about akita when i first found out my placement was that supposedly, it has some of the most beautiful women in japan. according to wikipedia, this is because of their pale skin (due to the snowy climate), round faces, and high voices. this phenomenon is known as akita bijin (akita beauty). now, i have been quite impressed by the fashionable young women trotting around akita city but they don't hold a candle to the beauty of akita found in its mountains, cedar forests, lakes, and coastline. this must be the true akita bijin, i think. i know it sounds corny and i'm sure plenty of folks have had the thought before, but i just had to put it out there. i spent the weekend sampling some of the yurihonjo area's premiere natural attractions (many of which you may recognize from previous posts); the air is getting cooler and has that crisp autumn scent, the leaves are changing colors, and akita is truly beautiful.

akata-no taki

akata-no daiboutsu (aka big buddha)

honjo marina

some murals i found at the marina, mostly created by schools. not exactly nyc graffiti a la swoon, but i'll take what i can get.

back at chokai-san

this picture reminds me of one of my favorite books, "exploring the adirondack high peaks" where the author inserts pictures he has taken in the mountains, most of which include the backs of his sons' heads. tristen is admiring the view (we didn't climb it again, just took in the scene from the lookouts around the trailhead parking lot).

nice game! bowling! hehehe


Dad said...

Hi Sophie,

Very nice pictures, with the waterfall and the changing colors.
I like your sweatshirt from San Franciso, which I bought for Mom, I think before you were born. Geez that's along time ago.


Jeff said...

At the very least Akita's mountains, cedar forests, lakes, and coastline are less slutty than the "bijins" hanging around the train station in Akita City.