Monday, October 1, 2007

my new car!

check out my new ride! it's a Suzuki WagonR. The "R", obviously, stands for recreation. It's a kei car, meaning it has a small engine, uses less gas, and I pay less car taxes. Also, it has only 3 doors, for no particular reason. I went to Yokote, a nearby city in Akita that's a bit bigger than Honjo, this weekend to pick it up, where I also partook in the Akita Museum of Modern Art. They had a couple of interesting pieces, although the museum is housed in a weird and very poorly designed building. Also, did anyone witness the moon halo phenomenon happening the other night? Because I did, and it was pretty cool.

Akita Museum of Modern Art

the tin castle outside the museum...possibly part of a children's amusement park

a really really long escalator into the museum - jeff, matt, and jon

jeff enjoying the akita inu outdoor sculptures

view of yokote from inside the museum


Dad said...

That's a very nice car Sophie but please be careful driving on the 'wrong' side of the road.


Natalie said...

hot ride
what is the max speed?

sophiesaffron said...

it goes all the way up to 65 mph!! it is a speed machine.