Monday, November 26, 2007

yokozuna desu!

remember that honjo ALT fantasy sumo tournament i was telling you about? well, the kyushu basho's over and the results are in - I am the champion! I came in far above the others in the rankings - #14 out of over 300, the next ALT was at #95. Actually, as Amelie (the true sumo guru) kindly pointed out to me, I would have been #1 had I not picked this handsome devil:

Kotoōshū Katsunori

I admit I was charmed by his bulgarian good looks (sometimes referred to as the "david beckham of sumo" according to wikipedia, but don't call him that to his face, he doesn't like it) and the fact that he was born just 2 days after me - I felt there might have been some special connection, but alas, he let me down. I'll stick to strict skirt prettiness points when making my picks next time around.

in other news, while in tokyo i was able to pick up a few of my favorite magazines, a real treat. On the cover of nylon's november issue...

...were sienna and savannah miller, who are, apparently, bringing their british cool stateside. this struck my curious side. i'm quite aware of most of the rest of the world's categorically negative view of america (at least for the past 6 years), and due to this, I wondered if a british mag would sport such a headline about, say, hilary and haylie duff. Cathy (irish) informed me that oh yeah, of course they would, just, you know, not about hilary and haylie, cause they're not cool. right.

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