Saturday, June 7, 2008

in the kb-cho

The title of this post is my attempt at making my neighborhood name (kobitocho) sound cool. My boredom today resulted in me having my bike fixed and pedaling around my hood. The pics are not all from the kb-cho, which is probably comprised of 2-3 blocks, and include, but are not limited to, alot of Engrish apartment block names.

This random little garage-gallery is quite near my house and features ever-changing photography exhibits, I think by the homeowner

a typical kb-cho apartment block

some newer houses in the 'hood

the local liquor shop, more importantly featuring many vending machines

The new development I've been monitoring on my ride to work each morning - went up in a couple of months, averaging about 1 house built every 2 days - these pics were taken before I realized there was an open house going on and a realtor was watching me like a hawk

typical plot of rice field in the middle of residential neighborhood

one of my favorite houses in the hood

an almost basque-style-looking house next to the 'fragrance' apt block

Where garbage goes. Japan is pretty good at recycling.

an old house next to a presumed hostess bar

the random local surf shop, same owner as the random local reggae/jamaican themed bar

Honjo's Main Street

A favorite coffee place near the station

my closest neighbor, a tiny plot of vineyard

another neighbor with a nice garden

one of the many gutter streams running through the town, smelling sewage-y

deep, open gutters on the sides of the street aka gaijin traps

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