Monday, August 25, 2008

chokai from haraikawa

This weekend I passed on the biggest fireworks festival in japan (and possibly the world?) that I went to last year to hike Chokai once again. It has suddenly turned to fall here so the weather was nice and cool for the hike, though rainy on the descent. I went with Doug, Megumi, a girl Edel met at the local gym who's been a "special advisor" on our rowing team, and Kato, Doug's friend from karate. I had wanted to do more hiking this summer, but weekends filled up fast and have so far managed just this one. It was from a different approach than I've taken the last 2 times I did chokai, on a shorter and much steeper trail. Megumi and I took a leisurely pace, as is my style, the view from this side of the top was pretty cool, as you could see the other 2 peaks clearly, the one I ascended before very clearly looking like a giant pile of boulders, with hikers hanging on for dear life to the summit boulders. The peak I arrived at this time seemed much less perilous, and we also had a cool view over the cloud cover.

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Tricia D said...

I can't believe I did not hike Mt. Chokai, but I am happy you posted these beautiful pictures. Hope you are well, Sophie!