Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tazawa and rowing

This weekend was an annual Akita JET camping trip to Lake Tazawa, that I had a hand in organizing as a Room to Read fundraiser. Fun times!

The new Honjo girls - Jez and Abby, and me!

The blue blue waters of Lake Tazawa

One of the few places on the lake I had never visited before

Walking the riverside sakura path in Kakunodate

Yesterday was the annual regatta in Honjo, the same one I competed in last year, this year we had more professional uniforms and even a few nihonjin on the team. We rowed for a team put together by the city sports department, called aburakouji for the neighborhood where the building where they work is. We got to practice way more times this year, which I was thankful for, and it showed in our results! We got first by a long way in our first heat, and first in our semi-final heat. So we made it to the finals, against 3 other teams I believe were all finalists last year. The finals were a very close race. We came in fourth but second and third barely gained a boat length on us the entire race. If we had won, we would have gone to Nagano for national competitions!

Amelie had the great idea for our uniform shirts to have riflery sugichi (the tree mascot of the Akita games national sports competition last year)! Can't believe they actually made them for us!

Our fans! Matthew Abby and Jez

The guys' team: Takafumi, Owen, Jon, David and Brett

The guys rowed very well, although they didn't advance past the first heat, they also rowed well in their consolation races!

The sports dept. men's team who also made it to the finals!

Guys team. I was a proud coach!

Us pulling ahead in our first race!

Look at that extension!

Happy rowing back to the dock

Me, Amelie, Sachiko, Satomi and Ayako, citing our #1 finish

Our semifinal victory

Aburakouji team photo

Our team, now referencing our 4th place standing...

...and paying homage to riflery sugichi

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