Monday, August 20, 2007


I know, I has been too long. On the plus side, I was waiting till I had PICTURES to share with you all to post again! It has of course been quite busy here in Japanland. Since I last wrote I met all the other new JETs in the area (there are really a heck of a lot of us), went to an intensive Japanese class, attended another JET orientation (this one just for Akita), started rowing practice, biked all over the place, ate a whole lot of sushi, and got a cell phone! This week I will be finally visiting my schools to meet my teachers and will start working there full time, and also will hopefully get closer to getting internet set up at my apartment, so that I can post with more ease and frequency. Without further ado, here are some photos! (thanks to edel and jeff for sharing) PS. I also have some of my apartment and neighborhood that I will hopefully be able to post tomorrow. Enjoy!

tokyo orientation:

newly united akitaites at the izekaya

me cooking up a storm

cathy and edel, the 2 irish ladies in honjo, upholding cultural stereotypes

owen, doing the same

the plane we rode from tokyo to akita (jk, but it was in the next gate over)


sunset over the river

view of honjo from edel`s highrise (re: 4th floor) apt

the honjo "marina" aka beach, home of favorite JET pasttime nightswimming. ALMOST everyone involved has been stung by jellyfish. also, people are constantly shooting off fireworks here, sometimes making us believe we are "under attack" and must take cover. until we realize the shooter is a 5 year old girl.

my new favorite park in honjo, with a set of red torii leading up to a small shrine and a nice overlook over what seems like miles of wilderness with sparse (cedar maybe?) trees

around honjo:

"big buddha" in a shrine in a rural area a little ways out of town

a pretty amazing waterfall near big buddha

owen, amelie, and me frolicking in said waterfall

honjo dance festival down the main street

more ladies dancing

they just can`t get enough!

kanto festival in akita city:

this little guy is a logo for the sports competitions going on this time of year, he`s everywhere!

owen and i enduring the ever-present drizzle

our gracious hosts - yumiko-san, masaka-san, and yonemochi-san, folks from my board of education (aka the ppl who call me kawaii)

walking with the lattices of lanterns

the balancing act begins

on the hip!

a close up. i love that in japan there is a festival for balancing giant lattices of lanterns on your hip.


ladies taiko drumming and fluting on a float

akita jet orientation:

tatami party

phil the brit

cathy and edel looking glamorous

me contemplating my beloved bike (only 3 minor accidents so far!):

also, check out my new keitai (i got the blue one):


Gina Mauro Art said...

sophie! it looks like you've been having a kickin' time! i miss you and can't wait to come visit. i hope your minor bike accidents weren't too serious!

Oh, hello there. said...

I hope Owen is your bff, because I think he looks awesome.

christina piluso said...

It sounds like you are having a great time so far!
Boccenalians miss you.

Natalie said...

Hot phone. How are your language skills after your intensive class?