Tuesday, August 21, 2007

row row row your boat

so, I`ve started an ALT crew team with the help of the board of ed people to compete in a local regatta on september 2nd, and apparently this is newsworthy. namely, someone from the rowing club has been covertly taking pictures of us practicing and taking notes on the drills and such we`ve been doing. and...this has appeared in the club`s newsletter with exact accounts of our practices. This morning, it was raining, and the newsletter included a written dialogue of our conversation in deciding whether or not to row (the answer of course, was yes). I suspect espionnage, they`re probably trying to steal our strategies to ensure the gaijins don`t win their race! here`s some pics from the secret shooter that appeared in the newsletter.

that`s owen, me, edel, cathy, and amelie bringing it in to the dock

superior docking job, captured via long angle lens


Ruth said...

maybe there is a mic on your boat... you should make friends with your japanese paparazzi so he or she will cast you in a good light, and maybe start posting about the other teams' conversation! anyway, good luck next weekend!!!!!!

Kristin said...

You must be an intimidating team... the competition is worried. Hope your practices are going well and you row excellently next weekend.