Monday, August 27, 2007

i heart honjo, joy and joy

first of all, the subject of this entry is the real name/slogan of a some sort of business establishment in hopefully to come. secondly, this post is to express my love for honjo, but more particularly for honjo higashi junior high school, my main school where I will be teaching, where they just hooked my laptop up to the internet, power, printer, and EVEN installed Microsoft Office on it for me!!!! I was overcome with joy at this - there was plenty of deep bowing and arigato gozaimasing going on from me. Of course, everyone takes our technical advancements for granted until you're suddenly stranded in another country without them. As Ben Kweller has said: "The server's down, and I'm in tears..."

now all i have to do is get internet at home, and i'll be set. i'm also in line to get a cable for my phone so that i can download all the pictures i've taken on it onto my computer for your viewing pleasure. for now, you'll have to settle for a picture of the folks from that intensive japanese class that i took a while back, courtesy of jeff. the teacher, sato-san, was probably the genkiest person i've ever met. genki means healthy, energetic but i've found it is also used for a variety of adjectives as well - outgoing, fun, friendly.

clockwise from top left that's phil, jeff, sato-san, owen, juls, terry, kaydene, edel, me, cathy, and tricia

in other news, a fundraising intiative has called my name, and i answered, it's called Everest of Apples, volunteer-run by akita jets, i've gotten myself involved and am now the Fundraising Coordinator! hurrah! Here's the link:

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