Monday, November 19, 2007

first snow!

last post: surfing, this post: snowing! I awoke to a beautiful freshly fallen thick blanket this morning... I was so excited to wear my "real" winter coat and go out and scrape the snow off my car (although I'm sure that might get old). All I can think about is skiing!

I discovered the secret to staying warm while the temp inside your apt dips below 50 degrees at 3 am is ODing at the onsen the night before. Amelie, Edel and I visited one last night and for the first time I actually think I spent too long in the scorching water. Or perhaps it was our extended time in the outdoor area, sitting halfway outside the bath in the freezing wind. In any case, I think my blood actually boiled and afterwards I did not feel well at all, but I was warmed to the core and stayed that way till 7:15am this morning when I woke up and could see my breath when I stuck my head outside my duvet.

I was correcting some homework today in school where the kids had to describe their ideal room. One kid wrote..."There is an air conditioner. I can cool oneself." I had a giggle about that..I can't believe he's thinking of air conditioning at this time of year! Meanwhile, I am thinking of making a firepit in the middle of my bedroom. another favorite - "There is a massage machine in my room, because very nice pleasant."

anyway, of course amelie and I went to the park to make a snowman after work. check out his mohawk!

Also, check out akita in the ny times! (travel mag) they visit tsurunoyu onsen, near the one I went to when I visited lake tazawa, and there is a fun fashion shoot slideshow! the times also featured san sebastian (my favorite city in the world) this week!

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