Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the loot

here is my loot from elementary school today (ie. items my students were generous enough to impart to me, usually without much other explanation than slipping it into my hand during a handshake):

  • one (1) drawing of a cat-like creature eating a slice of pizza called Mr. "Na"
  • one (1) pink christmas tree ornament
  • one (1) piece of nut shell of some kind (upper left hand corner) maybe a chestnut shell?
  • one (1) faux pearl button
  • one (1) drawing of a dog, and a snowman and a dog (note the katakana title "do gu")
  • one (1) gold star
  • one (1) tiny rabbit-person. i guess they didn't know about my fear of animals dressing up as people convincingly.
  • one (1) plastic banana shaped charm filled with green liquid trapping a creepy-looking snowman inside

heading off to tokyo on the night bus tommorrow! i'll be checking out my old haunts of hiro garden hills & ISSH in addition to exploring the city as thoroughly as my 2-day time period will allow!

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