Sunday, January 20, 2008

naked men!

this morning I got up early to have men in diapers throw tangerines at me in the snow. true story. today was honjo's "naked man" festival. presumably it has a more official-sounding name in japanese. Basically, men in diapers paraded around honjo carrying a large fish and other items, eventually ending up at a shrine on top of a big hill, where their presence, gifts, and songs were hopefully enough to convince buddha into bringing good luck to the homes, on the roads, and in the businesses of honjo for the year. oh, and the participants periodically violently threw tangerines and ricey gelatin snacks at onlookers.

just out for a stroll, whatever

neverending steps to the shrine

evidence of violent tangerine throwing

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Awreye said...

Wish that I was there! Reading this has given me an idea about a Boccenalian pr stunt. Hmmm.