Monday, January 14, 2008

coming of age

today was coming of age day in japan, when the nation's 20-year-old's are celebrated as adults. i sort of accidentally stumbled upon yurihonjo's ceremony yesterday, en route to an enkai (party) with the board of education. It was the middle of a snowstorm, and there were hundreds of girls in kimonos and boys in suits staggering through the snow and wind outside the community center. it was quite a sight - there were over 800 participants in the ceremony, which was apparently organized by my board of education, which was what the party i was going to was celebrating being done with! they listened to speeches and were given gifts at the ceremony, then of course took approx. 567788999 keitai photos with eachother outside the hall. what was interesting was no parents or other family were involved in the ceremony, they simply picked them up afterwards so that they could go home and get changed to go out to parties with their friends.

also today, the woman whom i tutor in french confessed to me a fascination for psychics, and told me that her psychic informed her that the two of us were friends as native americans in a past life. cool!

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