Sunday, January 13, 2008

ski ski ski

so I am sitting in my chilly bedroom when I should be skiing, my excursion today was unfortunately postponed due to me being scared off the roads. my upstate new yorker-ness is certainly not coming out in terms of fearlessness of snowy roads, which is probably a good thing. anyway, here are some pics from last weekend at beautiful tazawa-ko ski area. I also went night skiing for the first time this past week at a nearby small slope, it was fun, I fell a lot which was unusual but I enjoy falling, especially in ungroomed fresh powder, such that lined almost every trail, and i'll blame it on my second-hand skis that I bought for about $20, which suspiciously weigh about 3oz.

I also went to the mall again this weekend, which i quite enjoyed, it is just so bizarre to have this slice of new jersey here in akita. my only student who has submitted an essay for my special advanced composition writing challenge wrote in response to "What is your favorite place in Akita and why?" about the mall. He wrote about a day he spent there with his mother, after which they sat together at a cafe and said to eachother "I really enjoyed spending this day with you." Cheesy but so cute. on that note, I'd like to say a special thank you to my mom, who sent me a down-covered hot water bottle for christmas, which keeps me warm and toasty at night! thanks mom!

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Mom said...

Does the water bottle keeps warm a long time? And is the plastic bottle not awkward to fill?
I had never seen such a fancy one, we need to advertise for Eddie Bauer.
Glad it keeps you warm in your cold room!
It looks indeed like a lot of snow on the slopes and a very overcast sky.
What is the temperature/wind?