Friday, February 22, 2008

more new!

also new, I've added links to a couple of new things, including an old friend's blog about running across america with his friends. Is this more or less adventurous than edel's brother biking from ireland to beijing with his friends? You decide. I've also got rid of my NYC real estate links, mostly because I stopped reading them myself. Don't worry, NYC, I haven't forgotten you though. I spent the last week working on an informative and interactive poster of "New York Pizza" - the first in a series to be posted on my new English Bulletin board at school. Next, I think, will be NYC graffiti art. In other news, I've started going to art club after school at my junior high which has been great. About 10 7th grade girls and I listen to music, look at magazines, talk about boys, and, of course, draw pictures. My goal is to get them to consider not always drawing anime girls with too-short skirts. I also might start in with tennis club with the new year (which starts in April), you know, to make the girls feel good about how great they are compared to me (unfortunately, Amelie's school is the only one with a rowing team).

Tonight I am going to an enkai (party) for the teachers at my school - the theme will be praying for the students' success on the high school entrance exams, particularly for the 3 teachers who have children who are taking them. First we pray, then we drink. Coming soon - pictures from last week's kamakura (snow fort) festival in yokote.

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