Tuesday, February 19, 2008


so, I have been seriously distracted recently by certain nyc comedy websites, and in a string of links, I stumbled upon a girl's blog who had the exact same layout as mine, and she even kind of sounded like me. Anyway, it weirded me out enough to consider changing the layout of mine, to separate myself from this doppelganger. I won't even link you to her blog, because it's just too eerie. Any thoughts on this one? I'm not sure how I feel about it, it's barely even blue.


Natalie said...

your other layout was better.
larger font, more readable.
i guess i could get used to this, but i don't want to

sophiesaffron said...

now with bigger font!

MOM said...

I find the background colors a bit blah...maybe like snow flakes....I would like something more colorful, maybe a saffron/indigo japanese textile

sophiesaffron said...

thanks, mom! unfortunately you cannot change the colors in the actual design, just the text, and also unfortunately there are no japanese textile-themed templates on blogger. :(