Saturday, April 26, 2008

claude and otto return to japan

So, my parents made it here safe and sound and after a day left on their own to recover from the jet lag we began our sightseeing adventures today with a trip to the nearby oga peninsula. A beautiful drive on the corniche road where we stopped at (nearly) every lookout, including one with mars-like rocks and tidal pools, and a big rock that's supposed to look like godzilla's head (you be the judge) was followed by a visit to the aquarium called gao (an anagram of oga, ha!) to check in with my friend the polar bear. We forewent afternoon onsening in favor of a drive to the top of the peninsula's mountain, which afforded impressive views, though somewhat hazy, of the sea on both sides. On our way back home we stopped at a lovely park (not even on my itinerary!) which still had some sakura left, as well a few interesting ancient-looking re-created buildings to explore!

mom walking in the moon rocks

godzilla head rock

dad and a namahage

at the aquarium

what a photogenic guy!

from the top of the mountain

we found some sakura at the park!

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