Monday, April 21, 2008


Just spent a low-key weekend mostly in Honjo Park, being part of the sakura paparazzi and general merriment and picnic-ing. I tried to talk some of the trees into keeping their flowers for another few days, so my parents can see them when they arrive, but they're falling off at an alarming rate, the trees turning more green than pink-white. Luckily we'll be heading north on our 'Tour de Tohoku' where we'll have a good chance of catching late bloomers.

Jessie and Amelie enjoy the sakura wonderland

Chika and I

Just to lay to rest any stereotypes of Japanese schoolchildren being obedient, well-behaved angels, a couple of my thug-like new 1nensei students apparently saw the park merriment as an excellent opportunity to wreak some havoc, namely by slashing some other students' bike tires!

I'd also like to give a shout-out to Natalie who just had a yuck-yuck surgery and keeps me updated on her recovery with 2-line e-mails like "percocet is good, feeling better". Here's to the speediest of recoveries, wish you were arriving with Mom and Dad on Thursday.


Andrew said...

Ooo-- Honjo has some nice sakura, unbeknownst to me. Planning to brave the crowds for Hirosaki? They're suppose to be the 一番.

-- Andy

sophiesaffron said...

hey andy!

indeed, hirosaki is on the tour de tohoku itinerary. and I believe honjo is supposed to have the 3rd best sakura in akita!

Natalie said...

thanks for the shout-out... i;m off the percocet now... so most likely more coherent, wish i was on my way to l.a. then narita like claude and otto but don't worry i'm saving up for next year