Saturday, June 21, 2008

fighto, fighto to-chu!

My work day today consisted of attending a baseball game. But as with most things involving sports in this country, the attendance was taken very seriously. As attendees, we were required to perform several coordinated cheers over and over again, with the entire school band present to back us up. Thank god we won, the effort would have been considerably embarrassing if we hadn't. We were given 30-second breaks to sit down and gulp water every fifteen minutes or so but the rest of the time was spent yelling at the top of our lungs, banging megaphones together and making cheer gestures with them together in unison. Suprisingly, it was really fun! But when we won, the feeling was definitely "Oh, thank god it's over, so we can go home and rest" instead of "yayyyyyyyyyyyyy". I was eager to get out of the sun, too, which brings me to the interesting Japanese approach to direct sulight, which is to wear more clothing in order to protect the skin. Every teacher there besides me was wearing a jacket, gloves, wide-brimmed hat and long pants, despite the probabaly 90-degree heat. Every teacher and student (except me) also had a small towel they used as a sweat rag around their neck. My approach was more heavy on the sunscreen, less on the clothing. Anyway, back to the field tomorrow for another game!

a semi-candid shot of the ichinensei boys, there just to cheer for their sempais

bowing to the other team to thank them for their friendly cheer

super serious cheer guards

purposeless hats on band members


team bowing to us to thank us for cheering

the scoreboard - the game won me about $10 from the opposing school's ALT

and some random stuff from around school:

I worked on this giant sign with the art club a few times before I realized it said COOL (because we go to higashi chu)

barely visible so far, they planted "WE CAN!!" into the rice field outside of the school

a couple weeks ago students had to write little blurbs for me about an aspect of japanese culture, here are some interesting ones:

Mt. Chokai from Honjo Park

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Tricia said...

I loved your description of the cheering and the approach to sun. We went to a high school game recently and I was more interested in watching the cheering than watching the game.