Friday, July 11, 2008

sumo taikai

I just got back from a trip home to friends and family, but the day BEFORE I left was an epic event, Akita's annual "International" Sumo tournament, benefitting Room to Read. It was as silly as it was serious, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves quite thoroughly. I was proud to have had an organizing hand in the event, which raised over $1,000. I was astounded at how the tournament brought out the caveman in many of my fellow male ALTs, or the frightened pacifist, as the case may be (I would have definitely been the latter if participating). I was also proud of the men of the southwest who participated - three made it to the semi-finals-Owen, Doug, and Jon - with Jon placing third in the end - definitely made all that trash talking I did worthwhile. So here are the pics of my half-naked colleagues:

Phil and Matthew

Doug and me pre-tournament

Phil and David face-off in the practice ring

Me and Amelie

Chris and Stephanie's Taiko drumming group performing

Jason S. painfully defeated by Jon

Matthew and Phil discuss strategy of how to sit comfortably in a mawashi

Matthew getting picked up and out of the ring

Doug and Jon face-off intensely, while a ref enjoys the view

Owen roaring like a caveman

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