Wednesday, July 16, 2008

kameda festival

A town to the north of Honjo, Kameda, just had a lovely festival on Sunday, featuring the town's children in various traditional costumes dancing down the streets.

Stopping for a seaside Lawson's break on our way there

the dances involved a lot of standing on one foot

little komachi girls!

Edel in her lovely yukata outside the kameda castle

at the top of the castle, overlooking Kameda

a scary and strange float. You can see the Yurihonjo (my conglomerated city) symbol- a lily (for yuri) on the backs of these guys' jackets

These dancing ladies were from another prefecture called Fukushima

I think these guys were my favorite - the mustacioed chimney sweeps

Kameda castle

These are actually from the day before, a trip to Nishime beach, where a Chinese rooster balloon was found and subsequently abandoned

Fields of flowing lavender at Herb World, where they also have delicious lavender soft-serve ice cream!

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Jesse said...

We should have taken some more exciting helecopter pictures.